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How To Not Botch Your Home CCTV Installation

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Installing a CCTV will help improve the security of your home. Many intruders will be reluctant to break into your home if they know that they are on camera. However, there are many mistakes you can make that will reduce the effectiveness of your CCTV.

Perform an Audit of Your Most Valuable Assets

Before you have a CCTV installed, you will want to identify which assets are the most valuable and need to be protected. Walk through your home and perform an audit. For instance, you may want a CCTV that provides surveillance for your garage because you have your car and valuable tools stored there.

Make Sure Your Camera Provides Adequate Coverage

Be aware of what the camera is able to see. If the camera remains in a fixed position, it will only be able to show one area. A camera that rotates on its own will be more effective at covering a larger area. Otherwise, you may need multiple cameras to cover your entire property.

To save money, you do not necessarily need to place cameras everywhere. For instance, you may not need a camera placed near the side of your home. Also, make sure that you only place cameras in a manner that provides you with great footage. If you cannot make out what occurred, the footage will be useless.

Install Adequate Lighting

Consider the lightning near the area where you want to place your camera. If there is not enough lighting, the camera will be ineffective. Consider installing motion-activated lights. These will not only illuminate the area for the camera but will also help you identify the footage that you will need to examine.

Choose the Right Cameras

Make sure to choose cameras that will provide footage that will be useful in forensics. If you are the victim of a crime, the CCTV footage must be good enough for the police to identify suspects and to allow police to gather enough evidence to demonstrate that a crime occurred.

For instance, footage may show that an intruder walked through your yard, but cannot demonstrate that the intruder also committed vandalism. Rather than worrying about saving money, focus on purchasing a camera that will provide you with the functionality you need.

Hire Professionals

If you are unsure of where to install your CCTV, make sure to contact a reputable security company like CEO Solutions. They will know where to install cameras and which system is the best for your home.