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4 Effective Hidden Cameras Ideal For Restaurant Owners

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When running a restaurant, every dollar counts towards budgeting, profiting, and running a successful business. If you feel like you need added protection to items or money in your restaurant, then you can implement a commercial security system with hidden cameras. These cameras can catch both customer and employee actions so you can fully investigate any situation that may occur. When choosing hidden cameras for your restaurant, there are a variety of options. The following four types of hidden cameras can blend right into restaurant settings and help supply your business with full video surveillance.

Coffee Makers

Front counters and bars are common places for registers and customers coming in and out of a restaurant. Instead of setting up a direct video camera, you can add an inconspicuous hidden camera that is built into a coffee maker. Not only is the camera hidden in plain sight, but the coffee maker works and operates like normal. This is a nice, little, extra appliance that goes well with diners or restaurants serving a lot of coffee with breakfast.

The level of the coffee maker is typically on the same level as a cash register and is great for monitoring. There are multiple options for the way you want to record the video. If you choose a DVR hidden camera, you can store video footage on a microSd card. The card holds hours of footage and can be loaded into a computer or other device to view video content and clips. Wi-Fi enabled cameras can give you live feeds when you log into your security system. This allows you to monitor actions as they happen in real time.

Exit Signs

Get a clear overview of your restaurant with a hidden camera built directly into an exit sign. Exit signs are often hung high above the doors at your restaurant. With a wide-angled camera lens, you can capture the whole view of the restaurant. This helps eliminate any blind spots and can capture all types of suspicious activities.

An exit sign hidden camera can also be slightly tilted down for a better view and angle. This can help capture every person that is entering and leaving the business. If you have multiple exit doors, then you can utilize two sign cameras for different angles and coverage. By applying a time stamp to the footage, it's easy to match video clips and get a clear picture of any suspicious activities.

Fire Detectors

If you're looking for restaurant surveillance in the kitchen, then one of the more inconspicuous options is a fire detector hidden camera. These hidden cameras are available in both working and novelty designs. If you already have a working fire detector system, then you can purchase a dummy model that can be hung over your kitchen entrance. This type of camera allows you to monitor the cooks in your kitchen. Watch for dropped foods, suspicious activities, and the quality of work that your employees are bringing to the table. During busy days and nights, a kitchen can get crowded. Instead of monitoring the situation in person, you can use the wireless camera to watch from the comfort of your home or office.

Drink Bottles

A lot of restaurants like to display different drinks and bottles that are available for consumption. These display bottles create great visuals and are also a nice area for monitoring restaurant activities. A hidden camera bottle is made with a clear solid that is made to look like a liquid. Underneath the label of the bottle is a small hidden camera that captures footage and stores it on a storage card. The best part about keeping these cameras hidden is that are designed to fit on name-brand bottles. This helps the cameras blend in and refute any suspicions of a hidden camera.

Work with a security company like A Tech / Easy Living Store to implement these cameras and get them working properly for your business. The extra surveillance can go a long way in stopping criminal activity, theft, or poor workmanship by employees.