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3 Home Security Features Ideal For Second Shift Workers

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Working second shift often means that you will arrive home after midnight and in pure darkness. Even if the working hours are great for you, it can be a scary experience going home in the dark at night. There are three home security features that can help make you feel more safe and comfortable as work ends each night. Each of these features are easy to implement and can be mixed together as a whole home package through many different companies.

Automatic Light Controls

Instead of going home in the dark or wasting energy by keeping lights on all night, you can get light access as soon as you arrive home through automatic light controls. Automatic light features can be set to work in multiple ways. For example, security apps can detect when you are close to home and automatically turn on lights inside the home.

Light timers can also be set to match with your arrival time. For example, if you get out of work at midnight and your commute is 30 minutes, then you can set the lights to automatically turn on at around 12:25. This will help you easily enter the home and have your front entry rooms fully illuminated. Not only do these lighting features help you see during the night, but they can help save on energy costs. Instead of leaving the lights on all night, the timers can come on when you need them and reduce electricity use.

Home Notifications

As you head home, it's good to know if other family members or roommates are at home. Be aware of the comings and goings in your house with automatic home notifications. When arriving home late at night, the security notifications can give you peace of mind and understanding about different home conditions.

For example, you can have notifications for alarms that are set, doors that are locked, garage door access points, and the last time someone entered or exited the home. This is great for tracking your home's activities and being aware of any suspicious situations that you may be going home to. As you leave work for the night, you can log onto the app to see the recent activity log. This will give you a great idea of what you're going home to. Some home security apps can also send you instant text alerts for different features so you can read them on your phone notifications instead of loading an app.

Night Vision Cameras

Protect yourself from wild animals or criminal activity with the use of night vision security cameras on the exterior of your home. Security companies have the ability to set up an IP camera system. The system can send you live feeds of the camera directly to a phone or tablet. The night vision features allow you to see your front entryway clearly. When shopping for night vision cameras, look for different distances that the night vision can reach. For example, some cameras can extend to the full length of your front yard for clear visuals. A security company can show you sample screenshots of different cameras so that you can select the one that will work best with your property.

Along with keeping surveillance on potential criminal activity or wild animals, the cameras are a great way to track the weather at your home. For example, you can use the streaming footage to see if snow or rain is building up at the home entrance. This will keep you aware and safe as you exit your car and enter the home in the darkness.

A security company can help set up all of these features for your home, so talk with a local security company, such as Videotec Corporation, for more information. If you ever change shifts, the settings and timers can also be adjusted to your needs.