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Missteps To Avoid In Selecting And Installing A Home Security System

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Buying and installing a home security system is a smart move. Unfortunately, if you made some missteps during the selection and installation of the system, it might not provide you with the level of security that you are wanting. To help you with your home security system, here are just a few mistakes to avoid with it.  

Relying on a Classic Siren Alarm System Alone 

The classic siren alarm system is fine if you want to temporarily scare a would-be burglar, but it might not be enough of a deterrent to send him or her scampering off into the woods. The alarm should be part of a system and not the sole component.  

In addition to sounding an alarm, you need a system that also alerts you, the police, or a security company that there is an intrusion. You want to ensure that if the burglar gets bold and continues his or her attempt into your home, someone will be alone soon enough to stop him or her.  

The alert system to law enforcement could make the difference between keeping and losing your possessions. For an added measure of protection, consider installing a system that you can access remotely. If the alarm sounds and you have security cameras, you can view the cameras from a distance and see what is going on in your home.  

Installing Control Panels in the Wrong Place 

After making the right choice in home security systems, you have to make smart decisions when it comes to installing it. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is installing the control panel for the system in the wrong place.  

For instance, it makes sense to place the control panels for the system near the entrances, right? In reality, you are making it easier for a would-be burglar to enter your home. He or she could potentially be watching while you and your family are entering your PIN codes. The same could happen if your panel is near a window. 

Placing it near the door also makes it easier for the burglar to find the panel. Once discovered, he or she can disable it before the security company or police are notified. The panels should be placed somewhere that is away from the entryway and out of sight of the windows.  

A home security service can help you identify other mistakes you should be looking out for when selecting and installing a system.